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2012 Speakers Included

Meet speaker: Grzegorz Hrycyna

Grzegorz Hrycyna has been with Grupa LOTOS’ Gdansk refinery for 17 years. He started his professional career as an instrumentation and control systems engineer and later was responsible for managing instrumentation department of the refinery for 6 years. Since 2006 Mr Hrycyna has been dealing with refinery projects as Project Management Department Manager. In 2011, at last days of the 10+ Programme (1,5 bln EUR program expanding the refinery from 6 to 10,5 MT/a throughput) , he was appointed as an Investment Projects Director with the task to complete the 10+ Programme and to manage all other projects within Grupa LOTOS’ refinery. Grzegorz Hrycyna graduated Technical University of Gdansk in 1995. In 2003 Mr Hrycyna received MBA diploma after completing a joint course by University of Gdansk and University of Strathclyde (Glasgow).

Speaker Schedule

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