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2012 Speakers Included

Meet speaker: Dirk-Jan Schuld

Dirk-Jan Schuld has been with Lloyd’s Register Energy for 16 years. He started his career in the Lloyd’s Register Energy Plan Approval department in Rotterdam and his latest role in this organisation was Plan Approval manager for the Western European Area. In 2007 he joined the Reliability Based Mechanical Integrity team for Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) as operations manager managing high performance technical teams responsible for implementing RBMI projects, risk programmes and high level services. These services reflect the upstream, downstream and power industry. In 2010 he became responsible for the business development and sales and marketing of Reliability Based Mechanical Integrity and Integrity Engineering Services for EMEA and together with clients and Lloyd’s Register teams based in Aberdeen, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Genoa he develops Risk programmes. These programmes assure that customers' requirements on increasing operational safety, mitigating risk and optimising efficiency are delivered. He also is a member of CEOC (Confédération Européenne des Organismes de Contrôle (translated: European Confederation of Inspection Organisations) advising the working group on Risk Based Inspections and published a paper called: “Are inspections a necessary need or are inspections adding value to your company knowing that market demands changes every day?” in 2010. Dirk-Jan Schuld holds a BSc in mechanical engineering and a MSc / drs. in Business Administration.

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