This event brings together over 30 speakers, eager to share their knowledge, experience and predictions. Our speakers are carefully handpicked based on their experience and contributions to the industry to date. Real life case studies from the biggest and most profitable companies will allow you to learn from their successes. You will leave the Summit with a future proof strategy for growth that will see you ride through the turbulent times ahead!

2012 Speakers Included

Meet speaker: Walter R. Mirabella

Dr Walter R. Mirabella earned a university degree in pure chemistry. He is the Chairman of BioFuel team of EFOA (European Fuel Oxygenates Association), President of the Renewable Sources Sector Group of Federchimica and a member of the Board of Directors of the Italian BioFuels Technology Platform. During his 25 years international experience in the oil business, he worked for Exxon Chemical, ARCO, Chemical, Lyondell Chemical and LyondellBasell Industries. He has been and still is Member of, and actively contributing to, a series of key European organisations and committees among which are European Standardization Committee for Petrol Specification and Test Methods, Fuel-Ethanol Specifications Task Force, New Fuels Coordination Group, European Technical Committee on Sustainability criteria for biomass, CONCAWEs Scientific Council and Fuels and Emissions Management Group, Fuels for Gasoline Engines, and MVEG (Motor Vehicle Emission Group) at European Commission. Walter is also a member of Italian Thermotechnical Committee and of the National table for renewable energy supply chains.

Speaker Schedule

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