This event brings together over 30 speakers, eager to share their knowledge, experience and predictions. Our speakers are carefully handpicked based on their experience and contributions to the industry to date. Real life case studies from the biggest and most profitable companies will allow you to learn from their successes. You will leave the Summit with a future proof strategy for growth that will see you ride through the turbulent times ahead!

2012 Speakers Included

Meet speaker: Aurelio Ferrucci

Dr. Aurelio Ferrucci (Industrial Chemistry Degree from “Genoa University” in 1992) is the Executive Vice President of Prometheus. He built his professional experience within the process and software departments. As process engineer he contributed to various Projects (Revamps of Crude Distillation, Isomerisation, Reforming, Light Ends Treatment, Hydrotreating, Energy Conservation, Utility Rationalisation, Visbreaking, Thermal Cracking) and to the realisation of Feasibility Studies aimed to increase refinery profitability (process efficiency improvement, capacity de-bottlenecking, new products specifications, energy conservation etc.). As refining process expert he co-operates with company’s internal software department to develop the correlations applied by Prometheus’ Shortcut Plant Simulators Technology (e.g. Distillation, Reforming, Mild Hydrocracking, FCC and Lubricant production) and define the development guidelines for various applications in Crude Characterisation and Operation Scheduling areas. From 2009 he was in charge of company executive management with a direct responsibility for commercial development and marketing.

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